How social media changes Hollywood’s business

Social media is essential for business nowadays. Through these platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, people can reach the whole world. Promoting films on social media is one of the key success to high box office, is that true?

Social media has a significant influence on the film industry. It is essential to the success of film marketing campaigns because they are individualized. Through social media, opinions and ideas can reach audiences on the Internet with a personalized message. It can create more value than reaching the entire network with only a single message. People can talk with more than one person simultaneously, and the value of social media in the marketing increased during the conversations.

The days of traditional film marketing of broadcasting and printing advertisements have gone in the film industry. Social media campaigns then become an important marketing strategy for film marketing. Hollywood now utilizes the marketing strategy by creating anticipation. Social media strategy reduces the cost of advertising and maintains constant communication. Some movies that use social media marketing and achieve considerable box office.

In the past, the film production process was a secret to the public and created a mysterious atmosphere. With the development of social media, today’s situation is different. The industry started to launch a film with the assist of a world of conversation and fan community’s contribution. Directors and writers discuss with audiences their process of creating a film, actor and actress interacts with fans on Twitter and Facebook about their experience in shooting. The film industry has solved many barriers during this process, and it also brings many remarkable results by creating buzz about the film.

Creating the buzz about the film is significant to the success of the film. Trailers, actors and actresses, and screenings generate buzz and attract people to enter into the cinema, and word of mouth plays an essential role in attracting thousands of people to buy the movie tickets. Social media is the largest word-of-mouth engine that studios put efforts in the social presence of their actors and actress and film properties. Hollywood is using social media influencers, and film crews to reach audiences on various social media platforms and encourage the increase of the conversation about their upcoming releases. Social media do provide each user power to express their opinions and also democratize the broader media process.

Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms on the international level. Pew Research Center presents that Facebook is the most-used social networking platform. Movie studios notice the impact of engaging people on Facebook and understand their importance in driving box office. Facebook can offer extensive and relevant high levels of audience engagement. This platform is also used for building a community and leading the real-time conversation. Facebook even created a fan base before the theatrical release of the film, ultimately drives buzz on online space. Facebook is also the oldest social media platform that many marketing experts already have experience about how to market on this platform. Now Facebook also does a great job providing analytics. They can reach a substantial ideographic range, and it could be an easy and effective way for a film marketing team to reach a large percentage of audiences.

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Twitter is also an essential platform for the film industry. New evidence shows that promoting films on Twitter can bring considerable benefits to the studio marketers. In 2020, there are 330 million monthly active users, and 145 million daily users on Twitter, 63 percent of all Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65. Moviegoers use Twitter to watch the newest trailer, follow their favorite celebrities and interact with fellow fans in conversation. Movie fandom consists of a large part of the platform and people on this platform spend 32 per cent more on movies at the theatre than people who do not use the platform.

Promoted videos have a positive effect almost immediately. Data shows that promoted video has increased people’s awareness by 25 percent for the video exposed group and a 50 percent increase in awareness for the video viewers. Both of the groups are more willing to watch the movies. The exposed group viewers even show double willingness to watch when comparing with the unexposed group.  

Twitter does not only boost film business by creating a buzz; the platform even changes the film industry. #OscarsSoWhite is hashtag activism started from twitter and finally caused external pressure to change the racial composition of the Academy.

Film studios can use Twitter as a platform to distribute content. Companies such as Paramount release its trailer on Twitter, and people interact with contents by clicking like, writing comments or sharing the link. Twitter is an ideal way to distribute watchable and shareable contents. Film and television celebrities are using Twitter as a way to interact and engage with fans. It builds a buzz for their projects.

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Audience reaction to the film is not only based on the material produced around the film, but on the film itself. Fans may discuss, analyze the move and even argue with the creator. They do not only watch the contents, but also create contents around the movie, in the forms of visual material, and sing the theme songs. This creation and engagement enhance the spread of the movies and create an active cultural phenomenon. Fans may discuss the film since its release and continually have the conversation after several years.

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